Is one game really better than the other? Slots vs Poker

The slots vs poker debate is an argument that continues to rage amongst fans of online casino games. Often, players have their own natural preference for either online slots or online poker but sometimes players find that they enjoy playing each game just as much as the other. It can be difficult, however, particularly if you are new to online casino games to know which game would be best for you to maximise both your enjoyment and profitability. This article will consider the merits of both games to help you understand which game you should be playing.

Do you like to play strategically?

It is well known that table games such as online poker can be better played if some strategy is involved. Tactics such as knowing when it is right to fold or play on can really help you to lower the house advantage during a game of poker and make it more likely that you will win some money. However, if you find it difficult to understand the strategies involved you could well be handing the advantage back over to the house and then some. For this reason, players who don’t want to have to think strategy during their gameplay might prefer online slots. These games are based on luck alone, with the house advantage remaining constant throughout. So, whilst you can’t work the house edge to your advantage you also won’t be stung by it.

How long do you like to play for?

Online poker has a lower volatility than other typical online casino games. This means that you are less likely to lose money during a game of poker than any other game, meaning that you should be able to make your budget last for longer. Not only that, but the game of poker is naturally a much slower game than online slots. There is thinking time for you and other players to factor in as well as the time it takes to resolve hands. All in all, poker is a game to be experienced and enjoyed and typically people who enjoy the game like to dedicate a lot of time to it. Slots, on the other hand, are mostly high volatility, whilst they offer a chance to make big cash wins they can also eat through your budget pretty quickly. That being said, high volatility games do add tension and make for an exciting game. Slots, therefore, are ideal for players who like short-sharp bursts of gameplay full of risk and excitement.

Do you like the social aspect of gaming?

Social interaction is a huge factor in the slots vs poker debate. Poker is well known as being a game enjoyed in a social environment, with friends often getting together to enjoy a match. This is even true of online poker where players can enjoy live video poker or even just enjoy using the chat function in an online game. If you enjoy social interaction as part of your gameplay experience then poker might well be the game for you. Not everyone enjoys social interaction, however, sometimes players use games as a way to escape the world and this might involve as little interaction with other players as possible. Online slots offer the perfect gaming option for those who prefer to play alone. Players certainly don’t need to interact with anybody during a session on the slots.

How much do you want to play for?

This relates to the high volatility of online slots, but typically the jackpot on a game of slots will be higher than a game of online poker. Progressive jackpots on slot games can mean that players have the potential to win life-changing amounts. Although there is no control over the odds of winning, the idea of walking away with a huge amount of money is an exciting prospect that can attract players to slot games. Poker, on the other hand, does not feature progressive jackpots and so making a significant amount of money at this game can take some time and patience.

Ultimately, the slots vs poker debate will forever be ongoing, simply because the answer as to which is the better game depends on personal preference. Both are extremely worthwhile games that have stood the test of time and will remain popular online casino games for fans of online gaming around the world.